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Balance Shaft Systems

Metaldyne uses a total system approach to design, develop, and manufacture balance shaft systems. Metaldyne's technology provides vital force cancellation and can integrate the essential functions of the engines' oil pump, reducing its size by up to 50% and offering additional NVH benefits. 

  • Modular design can be retrofitted to existing engine designs for improved engine sound quality
  • Patented oil pump technology increases flow capacity while minimizing parasitic losses for improved performance of variable cam timing phasers and other oil pressure controlled devices in addition to providing an NVH benefit
  • Metaldyne patented housing architecture reduces oil aeration for maximum system operation and improved power consumption
  • Patented balance shaft design minimizes mass, rotational inertia, and cost, while optimizing gear axis alignment for improved NVH performance
  • Unique gear designs for best-in-class NVH performance even for the most demanding applications