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Operational Excellence

Metaldyne's global operating model combines safety, quality, sustainability and flawless launches to ensure consistent performance, all with a focus on continuous improvement activities. Metaldyne is always searching for ways to drive value for our customers, such as improving material utilization, increasing fuel efficiency through part design and weight optimization, and enhancing product performance through engineering.

Material Utilization

Metaldyne's powder forged technology allows for a more efficient design when compared to conventional hot forged steel, so less is needed to acheive the same result. In addition, Metaldyne's cold forged net-shape process requires less secondary machining and reduces the amount of scrap, which translates to cost savings.

Fuel Economy

Our total-system and product design approach to engine applications is grounded in advanced engineering to minimize friction, reduce weight and lower engine noise levels, all to imprve fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Enhanced Performance

Metaldyne implements sophisticated simulation tools, finite element anlaysis, and measurement and testing capabilities to provide peformance solutions for engines, drivelines and transmissions. Because each applications is unique, Metaldyne can tailor its products to best meet customer requirements.