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Engine Applications

Advanced product technologies which include powder metal connecting rods, balance shaft modules, crankshaft dampers (viscous and rubber), isolation pulleys, powder metal VVT components and oil jets.


Connecting Rods

Metaldyne offers the latest technology in connecting rods, supplying finished, machined and assembled fracture-split powder metal connecting rods.


Rubber Dampers

Rubber compounds uses in Metaldyne dampers are specially formulated and molded for each specific application.


Balance Shaft Systems

As an industry leader in Balance Shafts and Balance Shaft Modules, Metaldyne uses a total system approach to design, development, and manufacturing.


Viscous Dampers

Metaldyne is a global leader in the supply of viscous dampers, providing a full range of solutions.

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Precision-Engineered Products for Engine, Transmission and Driveline Applications