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The Power of Partnership

As we move forward in building our business, we look to our supply base for value-added ideas, materials and products to help us meet and exceed customer expectations. To access Metaldyne supplier information, visit the Supply Chain Management portal at

Achieving strategic growth, both "up the value chain" and globally, requires strong and diverse supplier partners. Our policy is to align ourselves with suppliers who will give us a competitive edge, helping us achieve and maintain a leadership position.

Metaldyne recognizes our suppliers as strategic partners. We look to them to deliver quality products and services, on time, and at competitive prices. This philosophy ensures that minority-owned firms are provided equal opportunity to participate as product and service suppliers for Metaldyne's business operations.

Metaldyne's vision is to become the supplier of choice among the world's major automakers. Realizing that vision, and expanding our global footprint, are predicated on delivering flawless product launches, and on pursuing and winning new customers and new business. Through powerful partnerships with our valued suppliers, we will succeed.