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Powder Metal Transfer Case Sprockets

Metaldyne has over 25 years experience supplying a wide range of transfer case components, including drive-driven sprockets, tone wheels, clutch hubs, planetary carriers, cams and gears for automatic shift and soft magnetic components for solenoids. Metaldyne takes an active role in the FEA activities related to component design, and in many cases we are able to offer recommendations on the material and heat treat specifications based on the transfer case torque and load requirements.

Metaldyne sprockets feature:

  • Sinter-hardened sprocket material options for low to high torque applications
  • Full complement of finishing equipment such as hard-turning, honing, and milling to provide finished components, ready-for-assembly
  • Diamond spline broaching for minimum backlash
  • Lean manufacturing lines to minimize WIP, increase productivity
  • Extensive use of poke-yoke for machining and assembly features